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2024 GEM Redefines LSV Industry with 30+ Automotive-like EV Refinements

EV Refinements

New GEM lineup redefines the LSV category with more than 30 automotive-like electric vehicle refinements.

Waev is introducing the new 2024 GEM passenger and utility vehicles with more than 30 modern refinements to expand adoption and provide a more automotive-like driving experience.

LSVs are street-legal, four-wheeled vehicles, certified to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 500, with a top speed of 25 mph and a gross vehicle weight rating of less than 3,000 lbs. The leader in LSVs, GEM is designed for individuals, campuses, communities and cities, and can be driven on most U.S. roads posted 35 mph or less. GEM passenger and utility vehicles provide drivers with a safe, sustainable, cost-efficient EV alternative to sedans, vans and trucks. GEM’s low speeds, right size and high visibility sight lines help create a safer environment for pedestrians, bikers, cyclists and vehicles to coexist.

“People are realizing that not every vehicle in their fleet or garage needs to travel over 200 miles or operate at highway speeds. GEM provides an affordable, accessible, convenient and enjoyable alternative way to move,” said Keith Simon, CEO, Waev Inc. “In recent years, we’ve seen a growing number of individuals make the transition to GEM for daily transportation in their community. And more commercial customers are recognizing that GEM vehicles can easily do the job of a truck or van. Today, we’re redefining the LSV to be an even more viable alternative to an automobile – further expanding the lifestyles and operations that GEM can serve.”

New Electrical Architecture Resulting in 30+ EV Enhancements

The entirely new 2024 electrical architecture results in more than 30 modern EV enhancements that redefine LSV performance, expand adoption and provide a more automotive-like driving experience.

  • A new control panel, gearcase, hill control, smoother acceleration and deceleration, one-pedal driving and DOT-compliant tires provide operators with the quiet, smooth and stable ride they expect from a modern EV.
  • A turning radius that is 17% tighter than the previous model year allows for sharper turns and easier maneuvering on narrow roadways. The GEM eL XD now has a six-foot tighter turning radius than competitor work trucks. Coupled with electric power steering results in an easy-to-drive vehicle optimal for deliveries, maintenance and property management.
  • A refined in-cab experience includes a new dashboard, display gauge, key switch, FNR switch, hazard flashers, one-touch turn signal, windshield wiper, and optional automatic daytime running lights for seamless operation and improved visibility.
  • A new power off switch simplifies maintenance and helps sustain battery longevity and performance during long-term storage.

All GEM vehicles continue to be equipped with a backup camera, hazard lights, brake lights and turn signals.

Increased Charging Flexibility and New Li-Ion Options

All 2024 GEM batteries are maintenance free. There is a battery and charging option for everyone, depending on what matters most – range, charge time, cost, flexibility or life cycles. These new options give drivers confidence to transition to an EV.

  • Two new AGM battery packages provide more range – an average of five miles between charges – without adding cost. All models now come standard with the AGM battery package. The e6 and eL XD come standard with the distance AGM battery package.
  • Two new Li-ion battery packages provide five times more battery life compared to AGM, opportunity charging, optional fast charging, a seven-year warranty and LiFePO4 technology – the safest, most reliable category of lithium batteries. Li-ion battery packages include 7.2 kWh for lighter-use applications and 14.4 kWh with up to 113 miles of range for high-demand applications.
  • Included as standard with all models is a 1 kW onboard charger that is now compatible with public EV charging stations – providing more flexibility wherever you drive.
  • New custom-fit solar panels option can boost drive time by up to 40% and reduce grid-tied energy consumption.
  • A new LCD dashboard display confirms the vehicle is charging and displays charge percentage.

*GEM model, battery type, sunlight exposure, payload and terrain will impact range.

Refined Vehicle Design and Style Options

All four GEM models now feature a more refined, sleek design and new upgrade options to elevate the vehicle appearance and functionality.

  • Seven gloss-finish exterior colors, including two brand-new colors – Arctic Frost and Tidal Blue.
  • New badges and front fascia design modernizes the vehicle look.
  • New seats with updated styling and increased bolster support for improved comfort.
  • New factory-designed roof rack accessory with rugged styling to boost functionality with 15 square feet of additional storage.

Additional premium finishes, including a panoramic skyroof, 16-inch sport wheels, low glow feature lighting and vegan leather seats continue to ensure personalization of each GEM vehicle.

Through the 2024 EV refinements, GEM maintains its attractive price points – making GEM vehicles appealing and viable alternatives to full-sized electric sedans and trucks. To learn more, visit gemcar.com or https://bit.ly/GEMBuild.


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