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ZF Launches Advanced Automotive Technology Center in Mexico

ZF Campus Monterrey

ZF, a leading global technology company in the mobility industry, has officially launched a campus hosting four

ZF, a leading global technology company in the mobility industry, has officially launched a campus hosting four corporate function hubs for North America along with the company’s inaugural R&D center in Mexico.

The new building joins the advanced electronic components manufacturing plant that began production in 2023, thus completing the Monterrey campus – a strategic complex for the leading automotive technology company at a regional and global level. It is the first mult-functional and multi-divisional campus for ZF in Mexico.

Located in a 43,294 square meter area inside FINSA Guadalupe Industrial Park, ZF’s Monterrey campus is one of the most innovative and advanced of its kind in Mexico, allowing ZF to continue leading the development of cutting-edge technologies for the automotive industry.

Martin Fischer, President of ZF North America and member of the Board of Management, emphasized the relevance of the Monterrey campus.

“This center is of utmost importance to our company regionally and globally, as it will allow us to drive innovation and the development of new technologies, helping us stay at the forefront of the mobility industry. In addition, the hubs of corporate functions such as finance, IT and HR operations, which are also part of this campus, are extremely relevant to guarantee the operation and efficiency of the company, since they serve various regions,” he said.

Monterrey: Contributing to the future of mobility

ZF invested $200 million to create one of the most innovative and advanced complexes in the automotive sector in Mexico. The building that houses the corporate functions and the Research and Development center was designed under the Office 3.0 concept, based on open spaces that promote collaboration and multi-disciplinary work.

“This investment is a win-win. First, because one thing is certain, that every dollar, peso or euro invested in our state is multiplied, and second, because here they will work on global projects, confirming that Nuevo León has established itself as a new world hub for technology and electromobility,” said Iván Rivas, secretary of economy of Nuevo Leon.

The ZF Electronic Systems Monterrey manufacturing plant produces smart cameras for Advanced Assisted Driving Systems (ADAS) and Integrated Brake Control systems, with capability for fully automated driving in passenger and light commercial vehicles.

The Research and Development center has 16 laboratories that can perform tests to prevent and correct product failures. Its state-of-the-art equipment simulates the real-world conditions a vehicle is exposed to in different environments, allowing engineers to gain accurate information about its behavior in various situations.

This milestone marks a tipping point for the state’s industry, as it symbolizes the transition from an economy based on manufacturing to one focused on cutting-edge engineering, design and product development. This contributes to making Nuevo León the innovation hub for the mobility industry in the country, developing world-class talent and fostering collaboration between companies, universities and government.

“ZF Monterrey represents a crucial step on our path towards a more sustainable and connected mobility. With this campus, we are creating a unique ecosystem in Nuevo Leon that will drive innovation and the development of disruptive mobility technologies,” said Jorge Vazquez, Director of ZF Monterrey and R&D Mexico.


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