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Solvay and Carester to Form Strategic Partnership


Solvay and Carester have officially agreed to a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to establish a strategic alliance, focusing on

Solvay and Carester have officially agreed to a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to establish a strategic partnership, focusing on harnessing the combined capabilities of both entities to explore manufacturing prospects within Europe’s rare earth industry for the permanent magnets value chain. This partnership aims to capitalize on the unique strengths of each company, with Solvay providing its industrial resources and operational expertise, while Carester brings its proficiency in recycling end-of-life equipment, upstream market insights, and associated endeavours.

Europe’s transition to electrification in the automotive industry, expansion of wind power energy, and acceleration of digitalization necessitate the use of rare earth permanent magnets. With China’s dominance in rare earth refining, Solvay has taken proactive measures since the end of 2022 to establish a rare earths hub for a permanent magnets value chain in La Rochelle, France, aiming to enhance European self-sufficiency. With its existing strong asset base and decades of expertise in rare earths processing  with significant positions in catalysis, electronics and specialties, Solvay’s plans in La Rochelle align with its commitment to meet the growing demands of the fast-growing electric vehicle, wind power, and electronics markets.

Similarly, Carester, while supporting efforts of rare earth mining companies to develop their refining processes, has built the Caremag industrial project. Fully permitted in Lacq, France, this initiative is dedicated to magnet recycling and the extraction of heavy rare earths from mining concentrates, using a unique clean and energy-efficient process.

“We’re thrilled to reinforce our dedication to the green energy transition and the rare earths industry through our investment in the magnet value chain, in partnership with Carester,” said Philippe Kehren, CEO of Solvay. “By collaborating with established rare earths players outside of China, we’re laying the groundwork for a powerful rare earths hub in Europe and establishing a strong European manufacturing base to supply the critically important magnets industry.”

“It’s a great opportunity to collaborate with Solvay and its unique recognized asset based in La Rochelle to complement our Lacq future unit. We will then contribute even more to European strategic independence in critical minerals while paving the road for a full circular economy thanks to recycling,” said Frédéric Carencotte, CEO of Carester. 

SOURCE: Solvay

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