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Darmann Abrasive Products Selects Flexxbotics for Enhanced Robot Machine Tending Amid Growing Automotive Demand


Flexxbotics, a provider of workcell digitalization for robot-based manufacturing, announced today that Darmann Abrasive

Flexxbotics, a provider of workcell digitalization for robot-based manufacturing, announced today that Darmann Abrasive Products (Darmann), a prominent global producer of fine grit abrasive products for superfinishing and precision grinding applications, has opted for Flexxbotics for advanced robotic machine tending.

The Flexxbotics solution seamlessly connects Universal Robots to Darmann’s CNC machines enabling robotic command and control of the workcell. Flexxbotics provides the ability for Darmann to dramatically improve production capacity while maintaining a more consistent operating cadence.

“As we introduce collaborative robotic technology, we wanted a partner that would support our full journey from design and implementation to scale production, which Flexxbotics has done exceptionally well,” said Scott Kroeger, President & CEO of Darmann Abrasive Products. “We’re particularly impressed with Flexxbotics compatibility with all makes and models of machines in our factory enabling us to roll out automation across our workcells quickly and efficiently.”

Darmann selected Flexxbotics based on the following criteria:

  • Full design and implementation capabilities to ensure that the solution is optimized to Darmann’s exact needs within a strict timeline
  • Solution flexibility to start with initial workcells, get success quickly and scale to additional workcells factory-wide 
  • Open connectivity and interoperability with a wide range of robots, CNC machines and IT business systems 
  • Monitoring and analysis including CNC status monitoring, real-time alerts, alarm detection and identification with data aggregation and graphical dashboards
  • Remote-in support capabilities to quickly identify and resolve issues and prevent downtime before production output is impacted 

Scott Kroeger continues, “With Flexxbotics we can achieve a 7:1 machine-to-man ratio which is hugely beneficial given labor challenges as our business grows.”

Flexxbotics robotic workcell digitalization is the backbone of the smart factory delivering autonomous process control for next generation machining environments utilizing robotics. Flexxbotics breakthrough innovation, the unique FlexxCORE™ technology, seamlessly connects and coordinates robots with existing automation equipment, IT systems and people.

“We understand that most times when automation projects fail it’s because the robots are disconnected and unable to communicate with the machines which creates ongoing downtime issues impacting capacity, quality and limiting efficiency gains,” said Tyler Bouchard, CEO & Co-founder of Flexxbotics. “That’s why the Flexxbotics solution delivers broad interoperability to enable the robots to optimize each machine’s operation for maximum throughput.”

SOURCE: Flexxbotics

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