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Rheinmetall Secures Multi-Million Euro Order for Plug-and-Play Heat Pump Solution


Rheinmetall, a leading tech enterprise, has secured a significant e-mobility contract from a burgeoning European electric tractor producer

Rheinmetall, a leading tech enterprise, has secured a significant e-mobility contract from a burgeoning European electric tractor producer, highlighting the company’s prosperous advancements in this progressive sector. The recently commissioned pioneering plug-and-play heat pump, designed for electric tractors, accounts for a substantial sum in the lower-double-digit million-euro bracket.

For Rheinmetall, the new order represents a market breakthrough for an innovative component designed specifically for the electric motors of commercial vehicles, construction equipment and boats. Completely preassembled and filled with coolant, the heat pump – thanks to intelligent thermal and cooling management – not only enhances the vehicle’s operating range and the lifetime of the battery, but also results in greater driver comfort. The contract is set to run for seven years, with the first heat pumps due to be delivered starting in 2024 for field tests.

Owing to the increasingly high requirements levied on the thermal management of modern electric
vehicles, the number of individual components and connections for the cooling and coolant circuit
continues to increase sharply. Here, thanks to its compact design as a complete system,
Rheinmetall’s new coolant solution helps to save critical installation space. Designed for both 400- and 800-volt applications, the system delivers nominal cooling performance of 8 kW and 11 kW of heat output.

Moreover, as an active element of thermal management, this innovative compact heat pump also controls the temperature of the battery, electric motor and the passenger compartment. Cooling and heating take place via a connected coolant circuit. Due especially to precise, intelligent control, Rheinmetall’s optimized thermal management makes an important contribution to economically viable, efficient and comfortable e-mobility. Moreover, the solution significantly increases the longevity of components and the range of vehicles.

The new order marks an important milestone on Rheinmetall’s path to success in the burgeoning market for e-mobility. The complete system can be integrated into both new and existing vehicle platforms. It also lends itself to customer-specific individual applications.

SOURCE: Rheinmetall

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