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Next Generation Smart Charge Point Solutions, Offering Design, Solution Design and Supply Options

Next Generation Smart Charge Point Solutions

Versinetic helps companies optimise budget and reduce timescales and project risk in order to rapidly develop bespoke, white label EV charging solutions.  We provide the hardware and software required to build a charger, as well as consultancy services, to allow you to focus on your aesthetic, USP and target market.

What we offer

  • Design Concept: consultancy, feasibility studies
  • Solution Design: core product components, core software module
  • Supply Options: Charging Blox – building blocks of software, hardware and consultancy which give total flexibility in creating a custom solution to meet your spec

Charging Blox – as easy as 1-2-3

1. Hardware2. Software3. Customisation
Pick your hardwarePick your softwareTailor to fit your requirements
Supply Options
Modules, e.g. display,
*contactless payment
Supply Options
OCPP 1.6 / 2.0**
***Back Office
****CSMS Driver
Local controller
CSMS Controller
e.g. BEMS integration
3rd party protocols
Hardware modifications
*6 week lead time | **2.0.1 in development | ***partner solution with Saascharge ****8 week lead time

Product Profiles

Versinetic MantaRay

MANTARAY – Controls the intelligence

Smart charge point communications controller PCB board

Versinetic EEL Board

EEL – Controls the power

Adaptable AC EV Charge Controller

Versinetic LinKRay

LINKRAY – Seamless local control of charge points

Passive Local Controller

Versinetic Peripheral Boards


The boards are as follows:

  1. RFID Reader
  2. LED RGB Board
  3. PIR Board
  4. RDC-DD Board
  5. LCD Adaptor
  6. Lock Release

What makes Versinetic stand out from other EV charge point consultancies?

  • Deep technical expertise
  • Competitive, versatile solutions
  • Trusted, Communicative engineers who get the job done

Contact Information

  • Longbridge Technology Park, 2 Devon Way, Birmingham B31 2TS
  • 0121 222 5433
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United Kingdom
  • Longbridge Technology Park, 2 Devon Way, Birmingham B31 2TS
  • 0121 222 5433
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