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Stealth OzPOD

Optimise your productivity with the Stealth OzPOD

Product Overview

Designed from the ground up with safety and stability at the top of the design tree, the OzPOD performs beyond the limits of any other vehicle in its class.

​With a huge 120km range, drivers will never run out of battery life on a shift.

​The high torque elec­tric drive train allows drivers to stop, start and do a 3 point turn on gradients of up to 30% with a full 250kg payload.

​The OzPOD has been tested and proven to be more laterally stable than any other vehicle in its class. It also includes a range of safety features to keep your workers safe and reduce injuries.

​With five active and two passive braking systems operators are in full control at all times.

​The Stealth OzPOD’s robust chassis design and advanced drivetrain technology guarantee its safety and performance for the entire service life of the vehicle.


  • Ruggedised monocoque chassis
  • Heavy duty suspension
  • Comfortable suspension seat
  • High torque motor
  • Long range battery
  • High payload cargo compartment
  • Class leading stability
  • Unrivalled braking
  • Unmatched safety


The OzPOD’s rugged, three wheeled chassis offers a level of stability never before seen by a vehicle of this licence category. 

Designed and manufactured in Australia, the OzPOD meets the rigorous demands of last mile delivery, surveying and maintenance fleets while enhancing operators’ capabilities in challenging terrain.


Top Speed: 50km/h
Range: 120km
Battery Life: 7+ hours
Drive Modes – Highway: 50km/h
Footpath: 10km/h
Reverse: 10km/h

Max take-off angle with full payload – 30%
Max traversing angle with full payload – 30%

Hydraulic disc brakes on all 3 wheels (hand and/or foot operated)
Regenerative braking
Auto locking electromagnetic brake
Manually operated park brake

Front: Telescopic forks – 120mm travel
Rear: Coil-over shock – 60mm travel


135R15 (all 3 wheels)


Maximum payload – 250kg
Main cargo compartment – 620L
Removable panniers – 30L each
Handlebar mounted pannier bag
Maintenance free Lithium Ion with smart BMS – 48V280 Ah/14kWh capacity
110/240V, 1500 W on-board charger. Can be charged from 10A outlet – 8 hours charge time

RFID ignition key – RFID lockable cargo compartment

Rider Comfort
Brake lever reach (adjustable)
Waterproof suspension seat (adjustable)
Throttle calibrated for operator comfort when in footpath mode
Tinted roof for rain/sun protection

Vehicle Category
– ADR LB Category (Tricar), AS/NZS 3100:2017

Contact Information

  • Factory 2/800 Princes Hwy, Springvale, 3171, Victoria, Australia
  • +61 2 5104 0301
  • [email protected]
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