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OEM Video Live Streaming for Teledriving

Soliton Zao SDK for Jetson – RACOW2 Live Streaming Protocol

Provides highly reliable and extremely low latency live video streaming.

Soliton Zao SDK - RACOW2 Live Streaming Protocol for Teledriving

Soliton Systems’ Zao SDK for Jeston is an OEM software library for manufacturers of teledriving, remote control cars and buses that require live streaming and remote control functionality. Based on Soliton’s RASCOW2 streaming protocol, the SDK provides highly reliable and extremely low latency live streaming, allowing remote drivers to view the exterior of the car and the road ahead  in practically real-time, regardless of their location. The software also includes the control element for sending remote instructions back for remote control  of the vehicle.

Moreover, the software can be customized for different cameras and can bond together a mixture of different network connections from multiple simultaneous cellular connections from different telecom operators over the public internet to ensure high reliability and security.

Soliton’s ZAO SDK and related products offer reliable and secure live streaming and remote control solutions for a variety of applications, including tele driving and vehicle remote control.


• OEM Software for live streaming and remote control for teledriving/remote driving of vehicles.

• Ultra low latency video streaming – from 35ms over a fixed line and 5G, 65ms over 4G.

• Highly reliable transmitter – bonding together multiple SIM cards.

• Supports fixed lines, Wi-fi and even satellite to a remote surgeon.

• AES 256 encryption.

• Video from 720p to 4K (PAL / NTSC).

• LAN tunnelling or serial tunnelling for remote driving control in real time.

• Adaptive encoding – live streams when there is minimal bitrate availability or network contention.

• Receiver software that can be customized – on-prem and MEC cloud versions available.


Hardware Supported: NVIDIA Xavier, Jetson Nano

Software SDK Interface:

  • Overview: SDK user can integrate functions into a customer h/w platform
  • Functions include: video/audio encoding, serial tunneling, multiple link supported by RASCOW2 protocol as library form.
  • Language: C++ API
  • No of Network Connections: up to 8
  • No. of Modems: up to 8x USB
  • Wifi Option: USB
  • Camera Types: USB, HDMI, GMSL
  • Control Path: Serial Tunnelling
  • Latency: from 35ms glass-to-glass
  • Encryption: AES256
  • Camera Stitching: Option for IP cameras and stitching of multiple cameras into a single stream.

ZaoCloud Receiver: Software Decoder

  • Output: RTSP /H.265 WebRTC Receiver
  • Server/PC: Cloud (AWS) /On-Premise
  • Receiver Client Option: Customizable GUI browser that playout WebRTC in H.265 format.

GUI SDK: SDK user can modify GUI or Monitoring Terminal Application and Remote – Control Terminal

  • Functions included: GUI library
  • Language: Java Script API
  • Control Signal: I/F for Remote-Control Terminal  
  • Overview: SDK integrates control signal transmission over RASCOW2

Alerts: SDK can take alert notification from Endpoint SDK, GUI SDK and/or Remote-Control Terminal for each device for fail-safe functions:

  • Video/control signal latency exceeds the latency threshold that SDK user sets.
  • Number of available RASCOW2 lines falls below the threshold that SDK user sets.

Contact Information

  • Soliton Systems Europe N.V. Barbara Strozzilaan 364 1083 HN Amsterdam The Netherlands
  • +31 (0)20 896 5841
  • [email protected]
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