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OEM Video Live Streaming for Teledriving

Soliton Systems has been at the forefront of technology since 1979, specializing in cutting-edge solutions including IT security and live streaming solutions. The company’s broadcast department is dedicated to providing high-quality live streaming and remote control services, especially from challenging remote locations, using 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi, satellite, and/or fixed lines. The technology is designed to ensure highly resilient, reliable, low latency, and secure connectivity making it ideal for remote driving (teledriving) and teleoperation applications for remote control.

Recently, Soliton has launched an innovative software SDK utilizing its patented RASCOW2 streaming protocol. This SDK is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) product designed for manufacturers seeking to live stream and remotely control devices via tele-driving, including automotive, micro-mobility, remote bus driving as well as providing a safety “call-home” feature for autonomous driving,  and for newly developing car sharing and taxi needs that requires remote driving

RASCOW2 offers unique benefits, including ultra-low latency video streaming   from the vehicle back to a remote driver  located some distance away. With RASCOW2, latency over 4G can be as low as 65ms,and  35ms over 5G. Such low latency is unmatched by any other technology in the market. Additionally, the live streaming service provided by Soliton is highly reliable, encrypted and can deliver broadcast-quality 4K video images in practically real-time. From a car where up to 6 cameras are potentially required, it can stitch together multiple camera views into a single stream.

Soliton Systems offers cutting-edge technology solutions that are reliable and efficient, with RASCOW2 streaming protocol providing a unique and unmatched experience in live streaming for remote driving applications

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  • Soliton Systems Europe N.V. Barbara Strozzilaan 364 1083 HN Amsterdam The Netherlands
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  • Soliton Systems Europe N.V. Barbara Strozzilaan 364 1083 HN Amsterdam The Netherlands
  • +31 (0)20 896 5841
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