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Motion Control Products Ltd. (MCP) has already positioned itself as one of the leaders in the automation and automotive sectors. With the ever-focussed EV market, since 2020, MCP has formed strategic collaborations with industry leaders such as Dings Motion & RIFT Automotive, and more recently with Redler Technologies. These partnerships have enabled us to introduce dynamic products and solutions tailored for the EV markets.

In collaboration with RIFT Automotive, we deploy patented RIFT Technology to engineer electric motors that are impacting the automotive sector while advancing sustainability and innovation. With power ranges spanning from 5kW to 115kW, our EV motors offer high energy efficiency, meeting diverse power and torque requirements while prioritising sustainability.

The EV motor powertrain system from Dings Motion comprises the EV Motor, motion controller, and battery as an overall system, delivering a comprehensive solution. Engineered for versatility, our motors and controllers incorporate natural air-cooling or water-cooling technology, catering to varying voltage platforms (24V-115V and 350V). With rated power ranging from 8kW up to 60kW, our motors deliver standard torque in excess of 95Nm, with peak torque reaching over 220Nm (for up to 30 seconds). This allows us to tailor solutions to meet diverse power and torque requirements in various automotive applications.

Additionally, our partnership with Redler Technologies brings advanced servo motion controllers, solid-state intelligent PDUs, and Circuit breakers tailored for various applications. Our Rayon series servo motion controllers boast high efficiency and power density, with continuous currents of up to 250A, alongside ‘end-to-end’ solutions including IoT integration. Our patent-covered Power Rider family line provides cutting-edge electrical power protection, management, distribution, and maintenance solutions. Our Redler ranges well accommodate EV applications of any scale, such as two and three-wheelers, scooters, micro electrical vehicles, and beyond.

Motion Control Products mission is clear: to emerge as an innovative Electric Vehicle (EV) e-motor solutions provider within the global automotive market over the next decade. MCP are committed to driving engineering excellence, pushing the boundaries of innovation while fostering sustainability. Our vision is to lead the charge towards a future where electric vehicles are not just a choice, but a necessity.

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