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LEKTRI.CO was launched to help electric mobility and charging infrastructure grow in popularity. LEKTRI.CO provides EV chargers, but the company’s goal goes beyond technology, and want to grow consumers’ confidence about purchasing electric vehicles. As a company, LEKTRI.CO wants to develop smart EV chargers so that you don’t have to spend too much time looking for the ideal charging settings or the best time to charge.

By providing innovative charging solutions for their customers and tenants, LEKTRI.CO hope to assist company owners in expanding their offerings in hospitality, retail, real estate, and beyond.

1P7K Electric Charger

The most convenient and smart way of charging your EV .Combining cutting edge technology and smart feature integration, 1P7K enables EV charging at home, at work or while shopping


  • Smart load balancing- Using a smart meter with a small current clamp, our software automatically monitors the power used by home appliances and adjusts the charging current accordingly.
  • Attached charging cable- 5m long to suit every location
  • Adjustable charging current- You can change the current whenever you need it and intuitively set your preferred LED intensity.
  • Remote start stop- With the LEKTRI.CO app, you can start and stop charging even when you are not around your car.
  • Easy set up- Installation is a breeze. The app takes you through each step with the help of our wizard.

We set out to develop the best looking and the most affordable EV chargers for residential and commercial usage. Our wallboxes are integrated with home (& commercial building) energy management systems, with the long-term goal of integrating them into peer-to-peer energy exchange communities.

Claudiu Suma, CEO

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  • Str. Rozelor nr. 7, 300317, Romania
  • +40316300747
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