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Cutting-Edge Tools for Vehicle Network and Embedded Systems

Intrepid Control Systems is a global leader in vehicle networking, testing, and embedded engineering tools. Their comprehensive suite of hardware and software is used for applications like Vehicle Network Interfacing, Data Logging, Diagnostics, ECU Flashing, Simulation, and Gateways on CAN, CAN-FD, LIN, FlexRay and Automotive Ethernet. They support various industries including Automotive, Heavy-duty, Motorcycles, Industrial and many more.

We Are The Experts

Intrepid was established in 1996, and brings vast knowledge and experience of vehicle networks to provide simple and innovative solutions to your application needs. We provide cutting-edge software and hardware solutions to support various sectors including Automotive, Heavy-duty, Industrial and many more.

Intrepid Control Systems EV Solutions

With more than two decades of expertise in developing test and logging solutions for vehicle networking, Intrepid is a trusted provider of hardware and software utilized by prominent electric vehicle manufacturers. Intrepid delivers a top-tier toolset designed for testing and validating electric vehicles, along with simulating Electronic Control Units (ECUs) and comprehensive vehicle network traffic.

Experience the future of network innovation with Intrepid Control Systems Ltd. Explore their wide array of applications in:

Vehicle Network Interfaces: Empowering engineers from early development to seamless integration, prototyping, and validation.

Data Logging: Specialising in capturing and analysing critical data, guiding engineers to optimise vehicle performance.

Simulation and Bench Testing: Advanced simulations for predicting real-world performance and cost-effective improvements.

Gateways and Prototyping: Facilitating rapid iteration and issue identification, accelerating development.

Vehicle Spy and Vehicle Spy X – 

Designed with flexibility in mind Vehicle Spy 3 and Vehicle Spy X are fully featured software tools which maximize the capabilities of Intrepid hardware solutions whatever your application.


Intrepid has direct offices in most regions of the world to give you the best support possible. They have direct offices in the USA, EU, UK, China, India, Korea, Japan, and Australia.

Contact Information

  • MIRA Technology Park Control Centre, Unit 5 Watling Street Nuneaton Warwickshire CV10 0TU UK
  • +44 24 7718 0296
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Intrepid Control Systems Addresses

United Kingdom
Head Office
  • MIRA Technology Park Control Centre, Unit 5 Watling Street Nuneaton Warwickshire CV10 0TU UK
  • +44 24 7718 0296
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United States
US Office
  • 1850 Research Dr Troy, MI 48083 USA
  • 1-800-859-6265
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