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Bench-top, battery performance testing, isothermal calorimeter


The iso-BTC (Battery Testing Calorimeter) is an isothermal calorimeter designed for the characterization of thermal behavior and electrical performance of battery cells under normal and extended use conditions. It supports a range of adaptors which allows a wide range of cell formats to be analyzed.

The iso-BTC supports the full integration of a charge-discharge unit, allowing for the repeated, automated cycling of battery cells under a range of operating conditions, while concurrently recording both the battery’s electrical performance and the heat evolved.  It can also conduct accelerated aging tests, allowing the effect of battery aging on cell performance to be investigated. Battery chemistry, electrode composition, and battery cell type can also be investigated within cell development using the iso-BTC.

Thermal mapping (multipoint temperature measurement) allows the user to identify regions of a battery that generate greater thermal energy to be highlighted.  Along with the thermal behavior characterization of the battery cell over a range of temperatures and (dis)charge rates, this information can be used to inform effective and targeted thermal management strategies within the battery module and pack.

Features and Options

Type of Test

  • Performance testing
    • Characterizing performance under normal and abnormal use.
    • Aging and lifetime performance testing.
  • Battery behavior as a function of charge/discharging rate and temperature
    • Heat release profiles.
    • Battery efficiency profiles.
    • Battery charging/discharging capacity profiles.

Battery/Sample Size

  • Coin cells, small pouch cells, and cylindrical cells. Battery adaptor selection for testing on cylindrical cells available.
  • Maximum chamber volume 250 mm wide, 250 mm deep, 80 mm high
    • Test sample volume will include any necessary adaptor volume.

Temperature Control

  • -20 °C to 90 °C as standard
  • Optional: sub-ambient temperatures starting from -40 °C

Intelligent Software Control and Analysis

  • Control software enables regular data logging, multi-step recipes, parameter control, and feedback loops.

Safety Features

  • Automatic, user-configurable event detection and shutdown procedures, to ensure user safety
  • N2 purge for when operating under sub-ambient conditions
  • Multipoint sample temperature measurement
  • Automatic hardware and software fail-safes are installed on every system

Contact Information

  • Unit 2 Centro Boundary Way, Hemel Hempstead HP2 7SU
  • +44 (0)20 8736 0640
  • [email protected]
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