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The Power Behind EV Charging

Fuuse serves as the flexible back office system for EV chargers, empowering hardware to meet the evolving needs of organizations and their EV drivers. With its intuitive features, Fuuse assists both private and public sectors in optimizing their EV charging infrastructure, breaking down barriers to EV transition. Every aspect of Fuuse’s business is dedicated to contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions in transport.

Transport stands as the single largest source of carbon emissions in Europe. Fuuse’s net zero strategy centres on innovation aimed at enabling the entire industry to reduce emissions, incorporating measurement, reporting, action, and internal education.


  • Restrict access– Charger access to specific drivers.
  • Set opening times– Customize opening times for different days and different groups.
  • Manage multiple tariffs– Establish special rates for employees and visitors and set lower off peak rates to encourage public charging.
  • Control charging methods– RFID card, Pay As You Go or Driver App.


  • Allow public charging– Set opening hours and manage multi-tariffs/subscriptions.
  • Make chargers visible– Become discoverable on popular mapping tools like Zap-Map, Google Maps and Apple Map, plus in car navigators.
  • Ensure availability– Give drivers peace of mind with bookings.


  • Power capacity Audit- Assesses the yearly average, peak and low energy usage of your site.
  • Multi Level Dynamic Load Balancing– Change the maximum amount of energy that chargers can take.
  • Enterprise level smart charging– Considers the needs of an entire fleet whilst balancing both site and grid capacity.


  • Click to fix– Remotely start and end sessions, perform hard and soft resets and unlock connectors.
  • Automated fault reporting– Alerts sent before the driver reports a problem.
  • Charger health logs– Pulls OCPP messages directly into the platform.

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