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EVbee DC 180

Providing ultra-fast charging


Ultra-fast Charging

The latest charging technology is utilised to reach full charge in just 35 minutes with the EVbee DC 180 which provides ultra-fast charging with a future-proof output of 350A and 1000V.

Smart Charging

Parallel DC charging allows two EVs to charge simultaneously and smart allocation ensures that this is done with maximum efficiency.

Innovative Safety Mechanisms

Smart temperature control of the charging equipment, together with comprehensive protection against over-voltage, under-voltage, and overloading work to create a charger that puts safety first.

Adaptable Power Output

Power levels can be scaled to meet your demands and are also retrofittable, which simplifies the maintenance procedure. Effortless modification means that this cutting-edge design can stay ahead of industry developments.



The revenue potential is increased with optimised charging uptime.


Smart, dynamic charging guarantees efficient allocation of charging power.

Easy Maintenance

Modular design allows for smooth after-sales operation.

Key Features


Pay your way with flexible payment options and integrated NFC, POS, and RFID functions. No need for a subscription simply pay the way that’s best for you.

Highly modifiable

Maintenance and operation are made easy with scalable power levels and retrofittable design.

10.6″ Ad Screen

Maximise revenue and ROI with a sleek, fully-integrated Ad screen.

Parallel DC Charging capabilities

Smart charging at its finest, Parallel DC charging allows two EV’s to charge simultaneously and intelligently allocates power between them for maximum efficiency.

180kW Ultra-Fast Charging

Keep ahead of EV development with an output of up to 350A and 1000V, providing 180kW of DC charging power.

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