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Ultra-High Performance Electric Motors, EV Drivetrains and Ultra-Fast Power Electronic Systems

Ultra-High Performance Electric Motors

Equipmake has more than 20 years’ experience developing and integrating industry-leading innovative electric powertrains.

Providing the complete solution. Equipmake not only offer ultra-high performance electric motors but also complete EV drivetrains and ultra-fast power electronic systems.

Our development portfolio includes a 120kW, 12,000 rpm high performance electric vehicle traction motors, a 120,000 rpm 17kW generator for a gas turbine electric vehicle range extender, high-speed blower motors for industrial fans, and a high speed motor for a commercial vehicle compressor.

High Performance Electric Vehicle Traction Motors

120kW High Performance Electric Motor

APM120 Motor

The APM 120R is an interior permanent magnet motor, utilising Samarium Cobalt magnets. It achieves the high-power density through a combination of direct oil cooling of the stator and forced rotor cooling.

220kW High Performance Electric Motor

APM200 Motor

The APM200 has been designed specifically to meet the requirements of a high-performance traction motor. Its unique spoke architecture enables the rotor to be liquid cooled increasing the motors continuous power output capability.

Ultra High-Speed Motor

Ultra High Speed Motor

High Speed Motor

Equipmake has developed a high-speed motor generator for an electric vehicle range extender application. The motor has a surface samarium cobalt permanent magnet rotor with a titanium retention sleeve.

High Speed Inverter

High Speed Inverter

HSI 100 High Speed Inverter

High efficiency, high switching frequency three-phase silicon carbide MOSFET inverter for sensor-less control of high-speed motors.

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United Kingdom
  • Unit 7, Snetterton Business Park, Snetterton, NR16 2JU, United Kingdom
  • +44 (0) 1953 661200
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