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Elektronio are pioneering clean tech mobility electric bicycles and electric kick-scooters. Committed to sustainability and innovation, Elektronio is at the forefront of the electric bicycle (e-bike) industry, offering eco-friendly, stylish, and efficient alternatives to traditional transportation methods. Their bikes are custom made to help suit the customers’ desires and needs.

Elektronio vision to enrich their collection with more smart solutions of sustainable mobility into the future and become established as a worldwide bicycle brand, the reference for electric cycling. With awards such as the Venture Impact award


The Pla-e+ heavy-duty electric tilting tricycle effortlessly handles large deliveries. Safety and flexibility are core thanks to Elektronio’s tilt and flex system, making it ideal for courier companies and versatile cargo needs. Pla-e+ guarantees top-tier quality offering a 2-year guarantee,

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  • Thessaloniki, Central Makedonia
  • 0030 2316008406
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  • Thessaloniki, Central Makedonia
  • 0030 2316008406
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