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Design and Manufacturing of Battery Electric Aircraft

ELECTRON aerospace, an electric aircraft design and manufacturer based in the Netherlands, is aiming to transform regional air mobility in Europe by offering emissions-free on-demand flying vehicles. Operating under the ELECTRON holding, their mission is to make emissions-free, on-demand air vehicles into an everyday reality.

The main difference between Electron and their competitors, as their Co-Founder and CEO Josef Mouris sees it, is that ELECTRON aerospace will offer on-demand air travel at the touch of an app similar to what people are used to with ride-hailing services such as Uber.

ELECTRON aerospace’s fully-battery electric ELECTRON5 aircraft provides features such as:

  • EFFICIENCY– 67 Wh/pkm with 3 out of 4 seats filled
  • CRUISE SPEED– 250 km/h at 10,000 ft
  • RANGE– 500 km + 250 km safety reserves
  • NOISE– At < 55dB*, it’s quieter than your vacuum
  • EMISSIONS– Zero CO2, SO2 or particulates
  • PANORAMIC VIEWS– Largest windows in its class, enable 180 degree views
  • SAFETY– Quadruple redundant motors with dual engines at the rear
  • LUXURY– USB ports, foldable tables and luxury car seat comfort
  • EASY ACCESS– Doorstep and movable seat row, allowing easy access

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