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Ultra-efficient PCB Stator electric motors designed via SaaS.

ECM PCB Stator Tech uses pioneering PCB Stator—printed circuit board—innovation and SaaS to create next generation electric motors with unique benefits to e-mobility systems.

ECM has fundamentally changed the way engineers, and visionaries design and manufacture electric motors.

The US based company pairs patented PCB Stator innovation to its PrintStator motor CAD platform to create next generation electric machines with premium performance characteristics.

ECM’s PCB Stator Tech replace the bulky copper windings found in conventional electric motors with an ultra-thin printed circuit board that places copper only where it is needed. The result is higher efficiency machines that need only a fraction of the copper.

ECM Stator Electric Motor

ECM couples this PCB Stator science to its SaaS CAD platform, PrintStator. PrintStator allows innovators to dial-in precise performance and dimensional specs to create custom electric motor solutions integrated with patented PCB Stator technology. PCB Stator machines designed with PrintStator are lighter, quieter, smaller, more durable, require less raw materials to manufacture, and achieve up to 96 percent efficiency.

As one can imagine, these attributes are highly beneficial to product designers in the electric vehicle and e-mobility space. The superior power density and high efficiency of ECM solutions enable extended battery life for integrated systems. Less mass means EV platforms have capacity for additional battery modules, further extending their range. An ultra-thin form factor and compact envelope allow these machines to integrate seamlessly as mid-drive, axial flux motors with little to no obstruction to other mechanical components.

Furthermore, ECM’s durable design contributes to increased system safety for e-mobility systems. Fully encapsulated motor windings prevent insulation failure, and the totally enclosed case makes ECM’s machines durable under extreme conditions. ECM’s motors are also acoustically quiet, meaning they generate less noise externally wherever an electric vehicle may operate.

ECM’s in house engineers currently take specs directly from clients and use PrintStator to design and prototype turnkey electric motor solutions for many diverse EV applications. The company is also preparing for PrintStator’s exclusive SaaS release in 2023. With the PrintStator software platform, product engineers can leverage existing PCB manufacturing around the world to enable immediate prototyping and rapid time-to-market for custom electric motors.

Altogether, ECM’s PCB Stator innovation and PrintStator platform converge software with patented IP to offer a scalable digital electric motor solution for multiple e-mobility applications.

Please visit PCBStator.com to design your own custom motor with PrintStator.

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ECM - PCB Stator Tech
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  • +1.617.340.3241
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