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Devtank Ltd, located in Mickleover, Derby, stands as an award-winning test and measurement specialist. Established in 2014 by directors Joe Burmeister and Tim Telford, Devtank is committed to delivering top-notch solutions to a diverse range of industries, including space, aerospace, telecom, defense, and green energy. Their continually growing team comprises highly skilled individuals who bring revolutionary open-source solutions to businesses.

Devtank EV Charging Case Study

Who are Indra- Indra are on a mission to develop the most intelligent means of powering EVs. Since then, they have rapidly risen to prominence as the foremost provider of EV smart chargers and smart energy technology in the market. Indra currently provides a diverse range of innovative EV smart chargers that have found their way into thousands of homes and commercial locations worldwide.

What they needed – Indra required motherboard and end-of-line test solutions for their production lines to ensure their products functioned correctly. Previously, they used an Electric Vehicle as their end-of-line tester, providing a real world test solution for the chargers they produced. However, they had to wait for the car’s battery to run down after each test before another charger could be tested, causing delays. Indra turned to Devtank for a more efficient solution.

Devtank’s Solution – Devtank equipped Indra with 8 test and measurement solutions, consisting of 4 motherboard testers and 4 efficient end-of-line testers. The motherboard testers use their HILTOPs and JigTOPs to display real-time pass-and-fail breakdowns on a screen, making it simple to identify and resolve any issues with the motherboard. Scanning each motherboard with a barcode scanner enables the results to be saved to a SQL database and matched to the corresponding motherboard, which is easily accessible via the HILTOP. The JigTOP securely connects each motherboard to the test pins, ensuring flawless testing, whilst the HILTOP seamlessly runs each test via a LAN cable. The four end-of-line testers use a HILTOP as the centre testing piece to replicate an EV car. This solution is similar to the HILTOP JigTOP solution but on a larger scale, allowing chargers to be plugged in and wired into the HILTOP via a box, making it a complete and comprehensive solution for Indra.

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