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Boson Motors LX40

Fully electric truck, ensuring savings on fuel costs and reductions in carbon footprint.

The Boson LX40, is the ideal solution for farmers and ranchers seeking to automate their tasks, boost efficiency and cut operational expenses. This vehicle from Boson Motors is fully electric, ensuring substantial savings on fuel costs and a significant reduction in your carbon footprint. With all-wheel drive capabilities, you can confidently access your fields, winery, or pastures, no matter the weather conditions.


Implementing automation is remarkably simple. Just use the OPERATION ‘record and playfeature to instruct the truck on its path, without the need for any specialized equipment or expertise.

Boson LX40 Uses

  • Mowing– With LX40’s fully-electric powertrain, emissions-free weeding and mowing is possible for plots of all sizes.
  • Dairy– Moving hay bales does not have to be a difficult process. The LX40 makes this job a lot easier with its half-ton load capacity and hydraulic tipper to go along with optional autonomous-enabled driving.
  • Farming– The compact form factor of the Boson LX40 enables the vehicle to fit between the rows of almond farms, pistachio farms, and more. Common activities that can be performed include crop spraying, crop inspection, and the transfer of goods.
  • Snowploughing– Its all-wheel drive capability enables snowploughing activities without losing grip on the road, making the LX40 suitable for efficiently removing snow and ensuring safe, clear pathways during winter weather.
  • Forestry– Utilize the LX40 for all kinds of forestry needs, as this vehicle is capable of handling rough terrain and carrying large loads that should greatly ease the process of maintaining and managing the trees and forests in your area.
  • Recreation– The LX40 has the capability of handling various rugged off-road terrain, getting to your hunting destination or taking the family in the mountains.

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