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Bolt.Earth – LEVEL 3 – 24 KW

Residential and Public Charging

Product Overview

Bolt.Earth Level 3 is a DC fast charger with state of the art features for a seamless residential and public charging experience dedicated to 4 wheelers.


  • Compatible with Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP)
  • 7” TFT LCD Touch Screen integrated display.
  • Grid Responsive Metering
  • Seamless Energy measurement and user authentication with Mobile App (Android & IOS) & RFID Card.
  • Over Voltage, Under Voltage, Over Current, Short Circuit, Surge Protection, Over Temperature, Ground Fault Protection, Residual Current, Emergency shutdown with alarm, Electric shock Proof.

Contact Information

  • 2328 17th Cross Road, Opposite Third wave, Sector-1, Bengaluru South, Karnataka 560102, IN
  • +91-84477-46385
  • [email protected]
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