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Adhesive tapes for EV battery applications

Adhesive tapes for applications in e-mobility

ATP adhesive systems AG specialises in developing and manufacturing client-specific adhesive products. With an established, worldwide distribution network and modern manufacturing capabilities, ATP supplies a variety of industry segments including automotive, transportation, foam, graphic, electronics, plastics and many more.

Adhesive Tape Applications in E-Mobility

ATP adhesive systems is a trusted partner in the electric vehicle (EV) industry, offering innovative adhesive tape solutions essential for EV battery manufacturing. Their tapes ensure precision, reliability, and efficiency from cell assembly to pack integration. ATP’s advanced technologies enable seamless bonding, insulation, and protection, contributing to high-performance EV batteries. Manufacturers can depend on ATP for superior adhesive solutions that enhance the quality and durability of their EV battery systems, advancing sustainable mobility efforts.

Advantages of ATP adhesive systems Tapes

  • Solvent-free, environmentally friendly tapes
  • Low emission (low VOC, low fogging)
  • Different formats: Die-cuts, log rolls, small rolls
  • Pressure sensitive and repositionable
  • High chemical-, mechanical- and temperature resistance
  • Flame retardant tapes available
  • REACH compliant
  • OEM approved


  • Cell-to-cell bonding (Cell stacking), cell frame bonding
  • Flexible heating plates, temperature sensors
  • Bus bars, cable fixation, absorber fleeces and more
  • No curing time with self-adhesive tapes, immediate bonding strength
  • Multilayer products with compressible foams and / or anti-thermal propagation materials can be laminated
  • Supply forms of tape: Rolls, customer specific die-cuts
  • Different thicknesses available (carrier and / or adhesive)


  • Cell wrapping tapes (prismatic and cylindrical cells)
  • Electrical insulation of metal surfaces (module plates)
  • Electrical insulation of cooling plates
  • High breakdown voltage- and CTI values
  • High adhesion on metal surfaces
  • Outstanding mechanical, thermal and chemical stability
  • Tape thicknesses: 60 / 70 / 100μm (PET), 150μm (PP)
  • Transparent and colored films (black, blue) available
  • FR adhesive (optional): UL94 VTM-0


Lamination of double-sided adhesive tapes to various thermal insulation materials: Mica sheets (rigid and flexible), Aerogel layers, flexible aramid, ceramic fiber- and composites


  • Immediate adhesive strength with ATP’s acrylic PSA tapes (no curing time required)
  • Thermal protection inside EV battery packs: Battery cell, module, top lid
  • Adhesive tapes as fixation support during assembly
  • Multilayer laminates possible (e.g., mica sheets + compressible foam)
  • ATP tapes with high adhesion on rough, uneven substrates available
  • Supply forms of ATP tape: Rolls or customer specific die-cuts (acc. drawing)


  • High-performance, cost-effective solvent-free adhesive tapes
  • Broad product assortment
  • Various dimensions and formats available
  • Customer-specific solutions and developments
  • Customized die-cuts on liner (fingerlift option)
  • Fast shipping of samples

Contact Information

  • ATP adhesive systems AG, Sihleggstr. 23 - 8832 Wollerau Switzerland
  • +41 4388 815 15
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ATP adhesive systems AG Addresses

Headquarters, International sales, Marketing, Research
  • ATP adhesive systems AG, Sihleggstr. 23 - 8832 Wollerau Switzerland
  • +41 4388 815 15
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Manufacturing Plant
  • ATP Alltape Klebetechnik GmbH, ATP-Allee 4 - 99831 Amt Creuzburg Germany
  • +49 3692 436 20
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