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Analytical Components LLC is precision at work for you.

Analytical Components LLC is precision at work for you by providing access to the precise hard materials you require. Component processing, assembly, and final verification of critical dimensions provide superior value to their customers. AC offers a broad selection of hard material components such as pump pistons, optical guides, check valve seats, precision ruby balls and sapphire windows. Part of AC’s core competency lies in our experience with interference fits, allowing us to specialize in combining materials such as synthetic sapphire and various metals without the use of epoxies or fasteners.

Analytical Components Expertise

Analytical Components can suggest existing products that allow you to leverage economy of scale and minimize cost associated with developing new processes and buying small volumes of raw materials. However, they can produce a variety of custom metal designs coupled with hard materials, so customers are not limited to our standard products.  

  • Assisting you with your prototype development
  • Ability to add unique features to hard materials
  • Engineered fitment of various materials
  • Design for Manufacturing (DFM) recommendations
  • Hard materials knowledge

Process Capabilities

AC leverages over 50 years of hard materials industry experience in manufacturing custom sapphire and ceramic components for OEM customers.

AC work collaboratively to establish an environment that allows them to meet customers’ most demanding challenges.  Their intent is to match production cost, quality and delivery with our customers’ critical requirements. 

  • Surface finishes down to 0.0064μm (0.25 µin)
  • OD Lapping and Centerless Grinding
  • Tolerances as low as 0.254μm (0.00001”)
  • ID Honing
  • End Grinding
  • Flat Lapping / Polishing
  • Plus numerous other proprietary process methods

AC has a core competency working with dissimilar material integration. Their proprietary assembly methods do not require adhesives or additional fasteners: reducing contamination or risk of chemical leeching. AC assemble ceramic, sapphire or ruby components with holders for custom applications. Their superior understanding of the interference between mating parts provides exceptional control over assembly integrity, concentricity and extension length.

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  • Analytical Components LLC 1600 Washington St Stoughton, MA, 02072
  • +1.781.436.2780
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  • Analytical Components LLC 1600 Washington St Stoughton, MA, 02072
  • +1.781.436.2780
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